by Cecilia Travis © 2010
From “Currents” The Magazine of the North American Nature Photography Association Summer 2010

Imagine yourself on a photo tour to Bosque Del Apache.  Geese — thousands of geese! You shiver into place well before dawn to catch the earliest light as it slides across the water, silhouetting the birds and highlighting morning mists. Continue reading Imagine

Rules for Reality

© By Cecilia Travis 2011
Published in RMOWP Outdoor Journal, Vol. 1, Issue 1, June 2011

I love to see a field of flowers shining in the sun. But God forbid you take a picture! Did you know full sun on flowers is ugly? The image police say so, therefore it’s true.

Even in deserts, where cloudy days are rare, photographers are advised to carry diffusers or screens so the brilliant cactus flowers can be portrayed in soft romantic light. Never mind that many flowers only open in full sun, do something to get rid of the harsh light of reality. Continue reading Rules for Reality