Utah has a number of trails with minimal obstacles.  Some are very easy and others are wheelchair accessible.  Here are just a few of them.
Many of the links given were found through Internet search.  Some places I have been able to visit and a few have been recommended to me by other people who have been there. With your help, we can share our knowledge with disabled people everywhere and also increase awareness of the need for more accessibility. Please e-mail me with your suggestions using the form in the sidebar.



  • Arches National Park  Phone 435-719-2299  Map   Trails  Visitor Guide  Accessibility
    eyelogo copy“An audio tour of the park’s scenic road is available for purchase or rental at the bookstore. …. Large-print and braille publications are available at the visitor center.”

    Double Arcj
    Double Arch, Arches National Monument

    HikerwithcaneThese three trails are considered barrier-free:  (“Barrier-free trails may contain minor obstacles, steeper grades and temporary washouts.”)
    Devil’s Garden Trail to Landscape Arch 1.6 miles round-trip
    Windows Trail – the first 100 yards only.
    Double Arch Trail  – This is a hard surface with a slope.

  • Ashley National Forest  
    The Forest is mostly in northeastern Utah, with just a bit including the Flaming Gorge in Wyoming.  Phone   435-789-1181   Visitor Guide
    Wheelchair AccessibleYellowpine Interpretive trail  0.5 miles  The trail is at the Yellowpine Campground.

    Flaming Gorge National  Recreation Area  “The Flaming Gorge NRA is located in the northeast corner of Utah and the southwest corner of Wyoming.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleRyan, from flaminggorgecountry.com writes that “There are wheel chair accessible nature trails located at Moose Pond, West Green’s Lake, and Red Canyon overlook/Red Canyon Visitor center.   Sheep Creek Geological loop, Sheep Creek Bay overlook, Red Canyon overlook, Dowd mountain overlook, Flaming Gorge Dam Visitor Center, and the Dam Vista Overlook are all easy access by vehicle with easy access viewpoints.”
    Red Canyon Visitor Center  435-889-3713

    ?  The Chamber of  Commerce Guide lists six “easy” trails on page 29.   Be sure to call either the Visitor Center or the Chamber of Commerce since no details are given.   From the website: “Try the short interpretive Nature Trails at Sheep Creek, Moose Ponds, West Greens Lake and Aspen for an easy enlightening walk through a variety of habitats along this scenic drive.”   Easy for them might not be easy for you.  Check with them.

  • Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge  Phone  435-723-5887   Hunting & Fishing brochure with map  facebook page
    “…Bear River MBR contains nearly 80,000 acres of marsh, open water, uplands, and alkali mudflats.”
    Marsh Meander trail  1.5 mile unpaved trail  through the wetland habitat just outside the center.
    Wheelchair AccessibleWetland Walk is paved, and I believe accessible, but length is not given on the websites.

  • Canyon floor, Capitol Reef National Park
    Canyon floor, Capitol Reef National Park

    Capitol Reef National Park – For easy walking, we loved the canyon floors at Capitol Reef. These sand and gravel surfaces would bog down a wheelchair, but we did meet one intrepid wheelchair user who was enjoying the spectacular beauty from the paved roads. You can arrange for a driver to take you into the beautiful Cathedral Valley. My photographers and writers club, Rocky Mountain Outdoor Writers and Photographers, used Hondoo Rivers and Trails in Torrey. This park is not as crowded as many of the better known national parks in the west.

    Cathedral Valley, Capitol Reef National Park
    Cathedral Valley, Capitol Reef National Park
  • Dinosaur National Monument
    Dinosaur National Monument has one wheelchair accessible trail and numerous easy trails. The monument lies on the border between Colorado and Utah at the confluence of the Green and Yampa Rivers. just to the north of the town of Vernal, Utah. There are over 800 paleontological sites in the Jurassic Morrison formation. There are fossils of many dinosaurs including Allosaurus, Deinonychus, and Abydosaurus.  Dinosaur National Monument protects 105 miles of the Green and Yampa rivers and more than 210,000 acres of the rivers’ canyons.
    Phone 435-781-7700  Map  Accessibility   Links to trail details     Monument website
    Wheelchair AccessiblePlug Hat Trail  0.25 mile loop paved  “…trail on top of a butte affords excellent views of the surrounding landscape and provides an introduction to the pinyon pine-juniper community.”
    Cold Desert Trail  0.5 mile loop  “This short, level walk provides insight into the diversity of the desert shrub community found around Dinosaur National Monument.”
    Box Canyon Trail 0.5 mile in and out.  “A level walk into a shady box canyon.”
    Gates of Lodore Trail  0.75 mile one way.  There are a “few steps” at the beginning of the trail and then it is a level walk above the Green River ending at a view of the entrance to Lodore Canyon.
    Hog Canyon Trail  1.5 mile one way.  “A relatively level walk into a box canyon.”

  • Dixie National Forest  Phone 435-865-3700  Maps
    Red Canyon Powell Ranger District  Visitor Center Phone 435-676-2676  Trails Map and Descriptions  The map omits the easy Hoodoo Trail.  Red Canyon is a lovely place near Bryce National Park, but without the crowds.

    Red Canyon Hoodoo
    Hoodoo above Red Canyon, Utah
    Pink Ledges Trail
    Pink Ledges Trail, Red Canyon, Utah

    HikerwithcaneHoodoo Trail #3011  0.3 mile “Walk under the hoodoos, through sagebrush, pinyon, and juniper trees.”
    HikerwithcanePink Ledges Interpretive Trail  0.4 miles  This trail is a bit more difficult than the Hoodoo, so you may just want to go for part of it and then turn around if you don’t like the slope.

  • Zion National Park   Phone 435-772-3256 Accessibility  Map and Brochure  Hiking Map and Guide

    Riverside Walk
    Riverside Walk, Zion National Park

    Wheelchair AccessiblePa’rus Trail 3.5 miles  “Paved trail follows the Virgin River from the South Campground to Canyon Junction.”

    Wheelchair AccessibleRiverside Walk 2.2 miles.  “Minor drop-offs. Paved trail follows the Virgin River along the bottom of a narrow canyon. Trailside exhibits.”

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  • Antelope Island State Park   Trails Map  Brochure   Utah Travel Secrets trail guide
    Headquarters phone 801-649-5742,  Visitor Center Phone 801-725-9263
    Lakeside Trail  2.8 miles one way. “An easy hike”   that  “follows a nicely maintained gravel  path” with elevation gain of only 69′.
    Mountain View Trail is 11.38 miles one way and can be accessed via four parking areas.  It follows the east shore of the island.  “Wetlands and wildlife are abundant on the trail.”

  • Dead Horse Point State Park  Visitor Center phone 435-259-2614  Map  Trail Map
    Brochure  Hiking
    Wheelchair AccessibleOverlook Trail  200′ one way.  “…a short paved pathway leads to breathtaking views of the Colorado River and adjacent canyon country some 2,000 feet below.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleVisitor Center Trail  1/8 mile round trip. “The paved path just outside the Visitor Center offers great views of the basin to the east, the La Sal Mountains and Chimney Rock.”  There are eight trail-side exhibits.
    The East Rim Trail System  1.5-2 miles  “Aside from a short hill a quarter mile from the visitor center, this trail is predominately flat. ”
    The Colorado River Overlook  1 mile.

  • Fremont Indian State Park   Phone 4335-527-4631  Brochuire
    Wheelchair AccessibleParade of Rock Art  0.4 miles paved interpretive trail

  • Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail  Phone 435-649-6839  Map
    Wheelchair AccessibleThis rail trail is 28 miles following interstate 80 from Park City to Echo Reservoir.  It is mostly gravel, but there are 3 miles north from Park City and a 0.5 section in Wanship that are asphalt and suitable for wheelchairs.   TrailLink’s description

  • Kodachrome Basin State Park  Phone 435-679-8562  Brochure & Trails Map
    Grand Parade Trail 1.5 miles is easy, but check first to be sure it is suitable for you.

    Wheelchair AccessibleNature Trail  0.5 miles hard surface interpretive trail

  • Robert N. Hasenyager Great Salt Lake Nature Center    Map
    The Visitor Center at Farmington Bay is under construction and expected to open in 2017.  Learn more about the center by writing to  dwrcomment@utah.gov
    Wheelchair AccessibleFarmington Creek Trail  is ADA compliant but length is not given.

  • Snow Canyon State Park  Brochure & Trail Map   Overview Map  Phone  435-628-2255
    Wheelchair AccessibleWhiptail Trail  6 miles. “Level with some slopes. Accessible to people with disabilities. Tucked along the canyon bottom, this paved trail is suitable for walking, jogging, and biking.”
    Jenny’s Canyon 0.5 mile, Johnson Canyon 2 miles, Pioneer Names 0.5 mile, West Canyon Road 8 miles, and Sand Dunes 0.5 mile are trails rated as easy with some slopes and/or steps.  Check with the Visitor Center to see if some of them would work for you.

  • Swaner EcoCenter  Utah State University 435-649-1767  Preserve and Trails
    Wheelchair AccessibleLeslie, who answered my inquiry (and provided the photos) writes, “The EcoCenter and the pier going out onto the preserve are wheelchair accessible. However, in the winter the pier is covered with snow for snowshoeing.  I would say summer and fall would be the best times for elderly and people with wheelchairs to visit.”  

    © Swaner EcoCenter
    © Swaner EcoCente
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  • Ogden Nature Center  Phone 801-621-7595  Map  Virtual Tour
    Wheelchair Accessible The 1.5 miles of trail here are shown on the map as wheelchair accessible.

    Wheelchair AccessibleThe self-guided Habitat Trail is 0.28 miles.

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