Nevada has a number of trails with minimal obstacles.  Some are very easy and others are wheelchair accessible.  Here are just a few of them.
Most of the links given were found through Internet search. Some places I have been able to visit and a few have been recommended to me by other people who have been there. With your help, we can share our knowledge with disabled people everywhere and also increase awareness of the need for more accessibility. Please e-mail me with your suggestions using the form in the sidebar.



  • Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge  Brochure   Map
    “Year-round hiking is permitted along designated refuge roads and trails. Refuge boardwalks provide an up-close view of the springs, fish, and plants of Ash Meadows without disturbing the fragile habitat.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleThe photos of the boardwalks look as if they are wheelchair accessible, but you had better call 775 372-5435 to be sure.

  • Desert National Wildlife Range   Map
    Wheelchair AccessibleCorn Creek Trail System     Map  the Bighorn (0.4 mile) , Jack Rabbit ( 0.1 mile) and Coyote (0.3 mile) loops are all accessible.  Whispering Ben (0.1 mile) is rated easy. The Corn Creek Field Station ….”can be reached by travelling north on U.S. Highway 95 approximately 25 miles from downtown Las Vegas”.  Described in

  • Lake Mead   Accessibility  Call 702-293-8990 for information.
    Wheelchair AccessibleRiver Mountains Loop Trail  35.3 miles from Boulder City to Henderson.  As described on TrailLink      “The surrounding River Mountains are home to one of the largest bighorn sheep populations in Nevada”.
    Wheelchair Accessible?   Historic Railroad Trail 3.7 miles from trailhead to Hoover Dam Parking Garage.  “The Historic Railroad Trail is easily accessed either near the Alan Bible Visitor Center or via the Hoover Dam parking garage. It is an easy hike and has great panoramic views of Lake Mead, Boulder Basin, and Fortification Hill.”  Soft sand may be a problem in places.
    Hikerwithcane?  Bluffs Trail  Jim Boone of describes this trail as ” a nice, relaxing, 0.9-mile stroll across the desert to a low summit overlooking all of the surrounding territory.”  Judging from this youtube video of the trail by bigs2020, you would be wise to have trekking poles for balance.  There are some pretty rocky stretches.

  • Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge.   Brochure Call 702-515-5225 for information and hours.  The refuge is closed during the summer.
    Wheelchair AccessibleA 0.5 mile loop trail provides interpretive information.

  • Oxbow Nature Study Area  Described by the Lahontan Audubon Society:
    Wheelchair Accessible
    “Oxbow Nature Study Area is one of the few relatively intact riparian areas along the Truckee River in Reno. It is characterized by mature cottonwoods, Russian olive trees, willows, dense brush piles, and a small pond with thick cattails. A [one third mile] wheelchair-accessible boardwalk begins near the Interpretive Center.”   Reviewed on Yelp,  AllTrails.

  • Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge   Brochure Map
    HikerwithcanePahranagat Lake (upper) spillway walk is a 0.6 mile round trip loop as described in
    Hikerwithcane? Pahranagat Lake Upper Loop. describes this as 4.83 miles and easy, but with some “difficult spots”.  Try calling 775-725-3417 or 702-515-5450 to find out how much of the trail is truly easy.
    Wheelchair AccessibleInformation provided by staff: “One ADA trail near the visitor center that is about 200 yrd long.  One ADA ramp down to a marsh area and a short wood deck. However, the parking there is not ADA.”  Try calling Tim Parker at 775-725-3417 ext. 101 for more information.

  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area     Accessibility
    Trails described by the Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association  Trails described in Bird and  Map of Day Hikes
    Wheelchair AccessibleThe 0.25 mile round trip Overlook trail goes to a view of the Canyon.

    Wheelchair AccessibleRed Spring Boardwalk trail in Calico Canyon is a 1/2 mile boardwalk loop which  “starts in a picnic area, switchbacks gently up a hillside beneath towering Velvet Ash trees, and then makes a wide loop around an alkali meadow to Red Spring, which is at the far side of the meadow from the top of the hillside. Shaded benches provide pleasant places to watch swallows flying over the meadows…”)  Map and illustrations by Bird and
    HikerwithcaneMoenkopi Loop  is a 2 mile loop which “…starts at the visitor center and traverses a prominent limestone ridge.” There are “panoramic views of the Wilson Cliffs..”
    HikerwithcaneLost Creek- Children’s Discovery is a 3/4 mile self-guided interpretive trail rated as easy.

    HikerwithcaneFire Ecology Trail is an easy 3/4 mile loop through a 1997 prescribed burn area.

  • Toiyabe-Humboldt National Forest
    Carson Ranger District 
    For maps and literature about the district, you can call Lindsay Pulliam at 775-882-2766.

    Tahoe Meadows Trail
    Tahoe Meadows Trail
    Tahoe Meadows Trail
    Tahoe Meadows Trail






    Wheelchair AccessibleTahoe Meadows Trail is a 1.2 mile loop off the Mount Rose Highway.   No flowers when we were there in October, but pretty anyway.  Elevation is about 9000′.

    HikerwithcaneGenoa Trail system includes two easy hikes at the Nature Conservancy’s River Ranch: “…The East Brockliss Loop is a 0.7 mile, nearly flat, natural surface trail with two short 24” wide boardwalks over water part of spring.”
    Wheelchair Accessible The West Fork Trail is a 2-mile long, flat and wide trail also used occasionally as a ranch road that connects Genoa Lane and Muller Lane.”  From Jeremy Vican, VP Trail Operations, “This on the River Fork Ranch Nature Conservancy property, a part of the Genoa Trail System most easily accessed from Genoa Lane.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleGenoa Vista Trail as described by the Carson Valley Trails Association, ” This is an approximate 1.3-mile ..trail between the town of Genoa and David Walley’s Hot Spring Resort.”  and is fully paved in the town of Genoa.
    From Jeremy Vican:
    HikerwithcaneFay-Luther Trail system.  “The interpretive trail on Fay-Luther Trail System [BLM description] is the most accessible trail on that system. It is an interpretive loop, definitely not wheelchair accessible because of sandy soils, but easily doable for children and elderly.”
    HikerwithcaneClear Creek Trail is a gentle grade…,not wheelchair accessible though.”

    HikerwithcaneBently-Kirman Tract Trail is flat, but a natural trail with cattle present, so not wheelchair friendly but very easy to do my most anyone else.”

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  • Cathedral Gorge State Park    Trails descriptions
    Wheelchair AccessibleNature Loop is one mile.  The Park Service states that “Bridge may impede wheelchair use.” You might want to call them at 775-728-4460 for clarification.
    HikerwithcaneJuniper Draw is 4 miles in a dry wash, described as easy with negligible altitude gain.

    HikerwithcaneEagle View Overlook is a 1/2 mile path with negligible altitude gain. “Overlook of entire Gorge; nature loop at beginning has interpretive signs.”

  • Sand Point, Lake Tahoe Nevada SP
    Sand Point Harbor, Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park

    Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park – Sand Harbor   More information

    Wheelchair Accessible

    There are a 1/3 mile wheelchair accessible boardwalk nature trail and a picnic area here as well as an accessible path to a sandy beach.   Even better, you can borrow one of their two beach wheelchairs, free of charge.  The wheelchairs are available on a first-come-first-served basis.     Entry to the park is $12 per car for non-residents of Nevada, but it’s worth it.

    Accessible Beach, Sand Harbor
    Accessible Beach at Sand Harbor
    Sand Harbor
    View from Nature Trail, Sand Harbor
    Sand Harbor Nature Trail
    Nature Trail at Sand Harbor












    Spooner Lake Back Country
    The Spooner Lake loop trail described by  Tahoe Adventure Sports.  Said to be “good for all skill levels” by AllTrails.  These two references disagree on length — 2.1  or 1.8 miles.

  • Nevada State Parks home page.   A List of all the Nevada State Parks with links to their websites.

  • Spring Mountain Ranch State Park   Trails Map with details on slope and surface.  The park is within the Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation area.  Two of the trails, 0.4 mile Lake Harriet and 0.3 mile North Ash Grove have crushed gravel or aggregate surfaces.  Although both have low average gradients, each has a relatively steep stretch might make them too difficult.  Call 702-875-4141 to inquire.

  • Valley of Fire State Park     Facebook  Brochure  Trail Map with surface and  slope details
    I found one reference which claimed some trails here were handicapped accessible, but the descriptions sound as if they might still be a little difficult for anyone with unsteady balance.  Call 702-397-2088 to learn more. 

  • Washoe Lake State Park      Trail Map   Brochure
    HikerwithcaneThe park has a number of mostly low-gradient sandy trails with short steeper stretches.    Call (775) 687-4319 to learn more.
    Wheelchair AccessibleEquestrian Trails page 36.   This Truckee Meadows area guide states that the 15 miles of equestrian trails north of the paved bike path are ADA accessible.  I don’t see these trails on the park trail map.
    Wheelchair AccessiblePaved Bike Path runs 2.7 miles on asphalt and is 8 feet wide.  It is not shown as wheelchair accessible in the park literature, so you had better check first. 775-687-4319.

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  •  Clark County Wetlands Park    Map
    Wheelchair AccessibleWetlands Nature Preserve “Trails wind through 210 acres of varied habitat, including:  tall trees, ponds and streams, mesquite woodland, and desert scrub”    Map   There are ADA compliant trails shown on the map.
    Wheelchair AccessibleDuck Creek  “Accessible trails tall shrubs, grass, and small trees.  …..  Trails are currently accessed from the cul-de-sac at the east end of Wetlands Park Lane (outside of the Nature Preserve parking lot).
    Wheelchair AccessibleWetlands Park Loop Trail  “…. circles the entire Wetlands Park, totaling 13 miles and connecting all of our trailheads.”  Most of it is paved, but one part of the trail, “along the south side of the Las Vegas Wash …. is currently unpaved.  Sections may be periodically impassible due to construction.”  The loop trail connects with the River Mountains Trail.

  • Las Vegas    Parks and Recreation call 702-229‐6541
    Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs is a  680 acre park described as “… a welcome oasis in the desert of northwest Las Vegas. With its wildlife, lush vegetation, lakes and views of the Sheep and Spring Mountain Ranges, Floyd Lamb is a natural park unique to the typical Las Vegas urban experience.”  Rated in Yelp
    Thank you to Lee Birch for this description: “Just north of central Las Vegas, this park has hard, wide, paved trails. Park offers fishing, 4 ponds, and horseback riding. Full outer loop is about 0.8 miles, with internal trails in and around the ponds. No steep slopes. Suitable for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.”
    Phone 702-229-6297
    Wheelchair Accessible 1 mile paved trail loops around the pond.  Described in

  • Reno     Parks and Recreation call 775-334-2262.
     Wheelchair AccessibleHuffaker Park Lookout Trail  page 30.   This compacted gravel trail in Huffaker Park “wraps around a pair of hills offering a view of the Truckee Meadows. Visitors can hike a .75-mile or a 1.6-mile loop….”
    Wheelchair AccessibleOxbow Nature Study Area Trail page 56  “From the trail inside Oxbow Nature Study Area, visitors may see deer, wild rabbits, beaver, golden eagles, hawks, falcons, quail, several types of ducks, snakes, lizards, muskrats and other native species. The trail has multiple access points to the Truckee River.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleVirginia Lake Loop Trail  page 34.  A one mile loop around the lake.

  • Sparks 
    Wheelchair AccessibleVista-Campello Loop Trail page 39  The 3 mile concrete loop “offers a look at a variety of trees, shrubs and native plants. Many birds, cottontail rabbits and even an occasional coyote call this trail home.”
    Recreation information: 775-353-2376.

  • Washoe County  Parks and Open Space call (775) 823-6500

    Wheelchair AccessibleRah Rah Interpretive Trail page 38.   This paved, half-mile “interpretive nature loop trail inside Golden Eagle Regional Park highlights the Native American and natural history of the Rah Rah range.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleSwan Lake Nature Study Area page 50 ..”features an unusually diverse population of birds, including swans. Boardwalks take visitors throughout the wetlands area. Hiking trails also are available to the lake shore.”

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  • The Falcon Guide “Best Easy Day Hikes Lake Tahoe” by Tracy Salcedo-Chourré is very helpful for pointing you to easy hikes.

  • Nevada Trail has published this list of ADA compliant trails.

  • The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy lists wheelchair accessible trails in Nevada.

  • The Truckee Meadows Trails Guide is the source for many of my posts.  The guide is about public trails around the Truckee Meadows and is a cooperative effort by Reno, Sparks and Washoe County.  The link will take you to the top and you need to scroll down the the given page number.

  • Verdi Center is an 8 acre cooperative effort between Nevada Department of Wildlife, Washoe County Public Library System, Washoe County School District, and the Verdi Community.
    HikerwithcaneI am guessing about the ease of this half-mile nature trail.  Trail brochure Call 775-345-8104 for confirmation.

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