Observation Deck, Cascade Valley
Cascade Valley Metro Park observation deck                ©2012 JJ Prekop Jr.  photo Courtesy of Summit Metro Parks

Ohio has a number of trails with minimal obstacles.  Some are very easy and others are wheelchair accessible.  Here are just a few of them.
Ohio has an amazing wealth of parks and trails. Their management is a little confusing and there is some overlap between the federal, state and metro parks. These links were found through Internet search.  I would love to have first hand recommendations from other people.  With your help, we can share our knowledge with disabled people everywhere and also increase awareness of the need for more accessibility.  Please e-mail me with your suggestions using the form in the sidebar.


  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park
    Cuyahoga Valley National Park “…is a refuge for native plants and wildlife, and provides routes of discovery for visitors. The winding Cuyahoga River gives way to deep forests, rolling hills, and open farmlands.”
    Accessibility   Maps   Special Needs Brochure  Trails   Phone 330-657-2752
    HikerwithcaneThere are a great many “easy” hikes in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  Too many for me to list.  Call the park’s accessibility coordinator, Arrye Rosser, at 440-546-5992 for help determining which paths are suitable for your limitations.
    Here is Wheelchairtraveling.com’s excellent and thorough access guide to the park.
    Wheelchair AccessibleOhio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail   Map  including Beaver Marsh.  The path is 19.5 miles and has ten trailheads.  Beaver Marsh has an audio station with educational messages for people with visual limitations.  Beaver Marsh Brochure
    Wheelchair AccessibleBrandywine Falls Map The first 1/8 mile is accessible to the first boardwalk overlook.

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  • Ohio State Parks  Accessible facilities, including trails
    Ohio has about 58 state parks with hiking trails.  At least five have accessible paved or boardwalk trails.  Please let me know of easy (but not ADA) hikes that I should include for hikers not restricted to wheelchairs, but needing easy footing.

  • Adams Lake State Park  Map
    Wheelchair AccessibleThere is an accessible 3/4 mile path along the southern shore of Adams Lake.

  • Barkcamp State Park  Map  for information call 740-484-4064
    “In addition to fine recreational facilities, visitors will enjoy the mature woodlands, open meadows, scenic lake and abundant wildlife of this secluded 1,005-acre park.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleHawk Trail 0.5 mile

  • Hocking Hills State Park Hocking Hills.com  Park Map   Trails Map   Maps of Trails Some information on the web pages is inconsistent.  Before going it would be wise to call 740-385-6842.
    Wheelchair AccessibleConkles Hollow   Brochure  Map The Lower Gorge Trail is 1 mile and accessible.
    There is a “deep, cool gorge, which is only 100 feet wide in places and is considered by some to be the deepest in Ohio”   There are has “numerous waterfalls cascading over its sandstone cliffs.”
    Ash Cave GWheelchair Accessibleorge has an 1/4 mile accessible trail. “Ash Cave is the largest, most impressive recess cave in the state.”
    Wheelchair Accessible? Cantwell Cliffs  1/4 mile of the Cantwell Cliffs Gorge trail is said to be accessible, but call first as the rest of the 1 mile trail is rated “difficult.”
    Wheelchair Accessible? Old Man’s Cave  HockingHills.com claims that 3/4 mile of the Gorge trail here is wheelchair accessible.  However, the park site says the 1 mile trail is “moderate” and does not mention accessibility.

  • Little Miami State Park  Caesar Creek Park Office: (513) 897-3055   North of Hedges Road call 937-376-7440 Park Map
    Wheelchair AccessibleLittle Miami is a 50 mile long paved trail corridor created from an abandoned railroad right-of-way along the Little Miami River.

  • Ohio State Nature Preserves   Accessible Nature Preserves  Call the Ohio Department of Natural Resources  614-265-6565 for more information.
    There are 136 State nature Preserves and natural areas in Ohio., “Most…contain small parking lots and a trail system.”  “Restrooms, picnic facilities and areas for active recreation are generally not available.”  Some are within State Parks and are described under that heading.
    Wheelchair AccessibleBlackhand Gorge   Brochure  Photographs on this website show a paved path and it is listed as having an ADA trail.  This is probably the four mile bike trail, part of which is currently (10/2015) under repair.
    Wheelchair AccessibleCooperrider-Kent Bog  Brochure     The 0.5 mile boardwalk leads you through this “living relect from the Ice Age.”

  • Quail Hollow State Park  Park Map  Trail Map
    Wheelchair Accessible“The Nature For All trail is a 2000-foot paved interpretive trail for those visitors with a physical challenge.”
    HikerwithcaneThis park has eight interpretive nature hiking trails.  The longest are 1.5 miles and all are rated “Easy”.  Call the park for more information about these trails 330-877-6652

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  • Cleveland Metroparks Park Administration call 216-635-3200  Links to maps and information about the 16 Reservations with hiking and walking trails. Links to the Nature/Visitor Centers. Note that by “reservation” they are referring to land set aside for conservation purposes. “Trails exist in every reservation with a variety of vistas and terrains, and can be located by contacting a Cleveland Metroparks naturalist at one of the seven outdoor education facilities.”
    Big Creek Reservation   Map   Trail Map
    Wheelchair AccessibleLake to Lake Trail “a 2.4 mile, universally accessible all purpose trail that connects Lake Abram to Lake Isaac.  On foot, by bicycle, or by wheelchair, one crosses Abram Creek and Bagley Road as they travel the trail that passes through 175 acres of headwater wetlands joining the largest kettle lakes in Cuyahoga County.”
    There are several “easy” trails listed. Call Park Administration to learn more.
    Edgewater Beach is an urban park located between the Memorial Shoreway and Lake Erie.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleA free ADA Beach Wheelchair is available for use on a first come, first served basis while lifeguards are on duty.
    North Chagrin Reservation    Map    North Chagrin Nature Center  440-473-3370
    Wheelchair Accessible“The Nature Center overlooks Sanctuary Marsh, where native plants create a fine wetland community attracting a host of waterfowl, mammals, insects, reptiles, amphibians, songbirds and shorebirds. Marsh wildflowers bloom throughout the spring and summer.”  “The trails surrounding North Chagrin Nature Center are paved for easy access to all visitors.”

  • Columbus and Franklin  County Metro Parks
    Many of the Metro Parks have trails rated “easy”.  Call to see if they would be easy for you.
    Battelle Darby Creek  phone 614-370-6254 or Nature Center 614-878-7106   Trails
    “Battelle Darby Creek features more than 7,000 acres of forest, prairies and wetlands. It stretches along 13 miles of the Big and Little Darby creeks, both State and National Scenic Rivers. ……. there are also over 1,600 acres of restored wetlands and prairies. ”
    Wheelchair AccessibleDarby Creek Greenway  4.7 miles.  “Flat trail through the prairies and woods that intersects the two bison pastures.”
    Blacklick Woods  Map  Trails   phone 614.861.8759  There are six trails here, All of them ADA!
    Wheelchair AccessibleBeech Trail 0.5 miles. “Passes through a beech-maple forest with beautiful displays of spring wildflowers, and continues past a swamp forest area.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleMaple Loop  0.9 miles  “Good for birding, traversing hardwood forest and passing a small wetland.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleMultipurpose Trail  4.1 miles  “Passes through a forest and a meadow.”

    Wheelchair AccessibleBlacklick Creek Greenway  18 miles.  “Connects three Metro Parks and several small parks from Reynoldsburg to Groveport.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleButtonbush Trail  0.5 miles.  “Runs through a hardwood swamp forest.”

    Wheelchair AccessibleWalter A. Tucker Trail  0.1 miles  “Links the Buttonbush and Maple trails.”

    Blendon Woods  Trails  phone 614-620-1861 or nature center 614-895-6221
    HikerwithcaneThere are six trails here rated “easy”.  I suggest you call to see if they are suitable for your limitations.
    Glacier Ridge   Trails  Map  phone 614-216-8859
    Wheelchair AccessibleIronweed 2.8 miles “Goes through woods and fields and leads to Honda Wetland Education Center.”
    Wheelchair AccessibleMarsh Hawk  3 miles paved  “Goes through woods and fields.”

    Highbanks  Trails  Map  phone 614-906-3149 or the Nature Center at 614-846-9962
    Wheelchair AccessibleBig Meadows Path  1 mile paved path “through meadows and playfields.”

    Wheelchair AccessibleScenic River 0.6 miles ” goes through forest and along the Olentangy river.

    Prairie Oaks  Trails  Map  phone 614-208-4321
    Wheelchair AccessibleDarby Creek Greenway  is 3.4 miles and “winds through Darby Bend Lakes area and crosses Big Darby Creek.”
    Scioto Audubon  Trails  Map  phone 614-202-5197
    Wheelchair AccessibleScioto Greenway  2 miles paved path that “stretches along the Scioto River and links the southern and north section of the greenway trail.”
    Sharon Woods  Trails  Map  phone 614-620-1865
    Wheelchair AccessibleEdward S Thomas  1.1 miles which “winds through a state nature preserve and past large burr oaks and an observation deck. ”
    Wheelchair AccessibleMultipurpose  3.8 miles “loops around the park and passes through woods and fields.”

    Slate Run  Trails  Map  phone 614-329-1392
    Wheelchair AccessibleBobolink grassland  1.5 miles “winds through grassland and leads to an observation deck overlooking the wetlands.”
    Three Creeks  Trails  Map  phone 614-208-2874
    Wheelchair AccessibleAlum Creek Greenway  7.3 miles paved path which “runs alongside Alum Creek and crosses a 300-foot bridge below the confluence of the Alum, Big walnut and Blacklick creeks.”

  • Summit County Metro Parks   330-865-8065 for information.
    Wheelchair AccessibleList of accessible trails  This list has 11 paved trails, 10 of which are in natural areas.

    Wheelchair AccessibleFreedom Trail 6.2 miles between Middlebury Lot to Westwood Avenue in Akron.

    Wheelchair AccessibleOhio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail  85 miles – mostly ADA accessible

    Freedom Trail
    Freedom Trail    © Doug Dawes photo courtesy of Summit Metro Parks.
    Towpath Trail
    Towpath Trail  © Rob Blair       photo courtesy of Summit Metro Parks


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