Oklahoma has a number of trails with minimal obstacles.  Some are very easy and others are wheelchair accessible.  Here are just a few of them.
These links  were found through Internet search.  I would love some first-hand information.  With your help, we can share our knowledge with disabled people everywhere and also increase awareness of the need for more accessibility.  Please e-mail me with your suggestions using the form in the sidebar.



  • Chickasaw National Recreation Area   Trails    Accessibility  phone 580-622-7234
    Wheelchair AccessibleThere is a two mile long concrete trail around Veterans Lake that is “fully accessible.”

    Hikerwithcane?Antelope and Buffalo Springs Trail 1.2 miles, Fishing Rock 0.8 mile, Lakeview 0.5 miles, and Travertine Creek Trail 1.5 miles one way, are all describes as “easy”.  Call the park to learn if they are appropriate for you.

  • Ouachita National Forest  Oklahoma Ranger district    phone 918-653-2991
    Hikerwithcane? Cedar Lake and Old Pine Trails    Both these trails are rated “Easiest”.  It would be a good idea to call ahead to be sure what that means.   There are some steps leading up to a bridge.   Brochure and Map   Described on Arklahoma Hiker.
    Cedar Lake trail is 2.9 miles one way and “….offers an array of opportunities to day hikers who want to view waterfowl and wading birds which frequent the lake.”
    The Old Pine Trail is 0.4 mile. It “…..begins at the Cedar Lake day use area and loops to one of the lake’s feeder streams. Interpretive signs along the trail identify the animals that live in the area.”

  • Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge     Trails  Phone: 580-626-4794
    Wheelchair AccessibleSandpiper Trail  is 0.4 miles and “includes two footbridges and an observation deck with spotting scope for viewing shorebirds that abound during the spring and fall migrations.”

  • Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge   Trails  Map Phone: 918-773-5251 or -5252
    Wheelchair AccessibleHorton Slough Trail  1 mile  paved.  “Visitors walk through a forested area, while enjoying views of the wetland and wildlife that inhabit it. An overlook and benches provide opportunities to enjoy the scenery. ”
    Wheelchair AccessibleSandtown Nature Trail  1 mile  paved.  The trail “….offers a view across the Arkansas and Canadian Rivers’ delta.”  It “…. highlights the diversity of habitat as it transitions into bottomland hardwoods. This is where visitors might also catch a glimpse of the refuge’s more inconspicuous residents like bobcats and armadillos.”

  • Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge  Trails  Phone: 580-371-2402
    Wheelchair AccessibleOklahoma Legacy Arboretum  is .25 miles and “meanders through the hummingbird and butterfly gardens ……”
    HikerwithcaneCraven Nature Trail is “one of the best places on the refuge to delve into wildlife….”  The first  1/4 mile of the trails is paved and the rest is gravel.

  • Washita National Wildlife Refuge  Trails   Map  phone 580-664-2205
    Wheelchair AccessibleCentennial Trail  1/3 mile hard surface trail with interpretive signs, a boadwalk and observation deck overlooking a wetland area.  It is a National Recreation Trail.

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  • Boiling Springs State Park  Map  Trails  Accessibility   phone 580-256-7664
    Hikerwithcane? “The Boiling Springs State Park Trail System includes five hiking and mountain trails of various lengths that are perfect for beginners. Both the Whitetail Trail and Spring Hill Trails are a quarter mile long, while the River Nature Trail is three quarters mile long.”  These sound likely, but call first in case there are stairs or other obstacles.

  • Greenleaf State Park  Map  Trails  phone 918-487-5196
    Wheelchair AccessibleFamily Fun Trail is 1.5 paved accessible trail beginning at the Park Office.  There is an observation deck overlooking the Arkansas River.

  • Lake Eufaula State Park  Map  Accessibility  Trails  phone 918-689-5311
    Wheelchair AccessibleCrazy Snake Interpretive Trail is a paved, 1/4 mile nature trail which “provides both shady secluded areas and open meadows dotted with wildflowers in the spring. Educational signs about the local plant and animal life are placed at a comfortable height for visitors in wheelchairs.”

  • Lake Texoma State Park  Map  Accessibility  Trails  phone 580-564-2566
    Wheelchair AccessibleTexoma Interpretive Trail  is about 1.5 miles long and “a portion of the trail is handicapped accessible.”

  • Lake Thunderbird State Park  Map  Accessibility  Trails  phone 405-366-8150
    Hikerwithcane?Clear Bay area has the Green Loop trail which is 1.5 miles and the Yellow Loop trail which is 1 mile.  Both are described as suitable for “novices”.  Call to be sure there are no obstacles such as stairs.

  • Lake Wister State Park  Map  Accessibility   phone 918-655-7274
    Wheelchair AccessibleWards Campground trail  1/3 mile.  “Guests in wheelchairs can enjoy a beautiful scenic tour of the park on this 1/3 mile long paved trail.”

  • Natural Falls State Park  Map    Trails Map  Accessibility  Trails   phone 918-422-5802
    Wheelchair AccessibleDripping Springs Trail,  1/2 mile, leads from the parking lot to a viewing deck for the falls.

    Wheelchair AccessiblePine Ridge Trail is 3/4 mile begins near the visitor center and connects all areas of the park.

  •  Oklahoma State Parks links to each park with contact  information

  • Okmulgee State Park  Map  Accessibility  phone 918-759-9933
    Wheelchair AccessibleOak Leaf Nature trail has 1/2 mile which is paved.

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  • Oklahoma City
    Wheelchair AccessibleBluff Creek Park has a 2 mile ADA paved walking running path which “loops through scenic wooded areas along the park’s western edge…” It then “… sweeps along the eastern side of the park.”  Phone 297-3882 for information.
    Wheelchair AccessibleMartin Park Nature Center   Construction on the Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Courage Trail was started November 2014.  Call 405-755-0676 for information.

  • Tulsa
    Wheelchair AccessibleMary K. Oxley Nature Center  “There are nearly nine miles of trails. Most of them are flat and fairly smooth. Wheelchairs and strollers may be taken down many of the trails unless rain has made the dirt or grass surfaces too soft or muddy.”  Trail Guide  Call 918-669-6644 for information.

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