Most of the links given were found through Internet search. Some places I have been able to visit and a few have been recommended to me by other people who have been there. With your help, we can share our knowledge with disabled people everywhere and also increase awareness of the need for more accessibility. Please e-mail me with your suggestions using the form to the right.



  • Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge Complex  is headquartered in Walden, Colorado   phone 970-723-8528   The Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge is part of a refuge complex that includes one refuge in Colorado and four in southern Wyoming.
    Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge 970-723-8202
    Wheelchair AccessibleMoose-Goose Nature Trail  0.5 mile “…winds along the Illinois River, provides a great chance to view song birds and other riparian residents.”
    There are three ADA compliant overlooks and an accessible viewing blind.
    Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge
    2.6 miles of hiking trail. “It is possible to hike all or portions of the system. The flat to gently sloping terrain makes it enjoyable for all hikers.”

  • Ashley National Forest  Phone   435-789-1181   Visitor Guide
    The Forest is mostly in northeastern Utah, with just a bit including the Flaming Gorge in Wyoming.
    Wheelchair AccessibleYellowpine Interpretive trail  0.5 miles  The trail is at the Yellowpine Campground.

    Flaming Gorge National  Recreation Area   Red Canyon Visitor Center  435-889-3713

    ?  The Chamber of  Commerce Guide lists six “easy” trails on page 29.   Be sure to call either the Visitor Center or the Chamber of Commerce since no details are given.   From the website: “Try the short interpretive Nature Trails at Sheep Creek, Moose Ponds, West Greens Lake and Aspen for an easy enlightening walk through a variety of habitats along this scenic drive.”   Easy for them might not be easy for you.  Check with them.

  • Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area   Phone 406-666-2412 or 307-548-5406  Hiking Guide
    This recreation area bridges Montana and Wyoming.
    Driving directions from Montana and Wyoming  Links to Trail Descriptions   Accessibility     Map 
    Wheelchair AccessibleTwo Eagles Interpretive Trail 0.25 miles round trip
    Wheelchair AccessibleVisitor Center Pond  0.26 mile  “…a great place to see red-winged blackbirds and boreal chorus frogs during the summer.”
    HikerwithcaneBighorn Headgate Trail rated as an easy gravel path of 0.1 mile round trip to “quiet picnic area”.
    HikerwithcaneLockhart Ranch Trail consists of a choice of loops, one 0.5 miles, the other 2 miles.  Both are old dirt roads.

  • Grand Teton National Park     Phone  307-739-3300  Map    Accessibility Brochure     Map and Descriptions of Day Hikes    Map and Brochure of Lake Shore Hikes
    Ten Easy Hikes from  TetonHikingTrails.com  by Bill Schneider
    Wheelchair AccessibleColter Bay Marina to amphitheater  0.3 mile one way  along the east shore of Jackson Lake.
    Wheelchair AccessibleJackson Lake Dam  0.2 mile
    Wheelchair AccessibleLSRP Lake Creek Overlook & Waterfall 0.2 mile
    Wheelchair AccessibleMulti-use path way Jackson to  South Jenny  20 miles, paved
    Wheelchair AccessibleString Lake Shore Trail  0.5 mile.  This is a broken and uneven paved surface.  String Lake Trailhead Map
    Wheelchair AccessibleJenny Lake Shore Trail – currently disrupted for rehabilitation Jenny Lake Trailhead Map

  • Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests   Phones:  Forest supervisor 307-745-2300
    From stateparks.com: “The Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests extend from north central Colorado to central Wyoming. The Forests encompass portions of many mountain ranges including the Gore Range, Flat Tops, Parks Range, Medicine Bow Mountains, Sierra Madre, and Laramie Range.”
    Unfortunately, this branch of the Forest Service gives very little information on trails.  Here is the page with links to information each trail, but they seldom give length, let alone difficulty rating.
    Brush Creek/Hayden Ranger District  307-326-5258  
    Snowy Range Scenic Byway  also described here
    Wheelchair AccessibleMirror Lake Picnic Ground includes an accessible  path to the water,  campsites and fishing platform.
    Wheelchair AccessibleLake Marie Trail goes along the southeast shore of the Lake

    Douglas Ranger District  307-358-4690
    Laramie Ranger District  307-745-2398

  • Yellowstone National Park    The park is in both Wyoming and Montana, so I am posting in both states.
    Accessibility Guide    The Accessibility Guide is very thorough so I am posting just a bit about some of the accessible places in Yellowstone.
    “Manual wheelchairs can be rented at medical clinics for $10 per day with a credit card (or $300 cash) deposit.  Wheelchairs are available for loan at each lodging facility, except Roosevelt Lodge, and the Old Faithful, Canyon, and Albright (Mammoth) visitors centers while in those areas.”
    The use of Segways is somewhat limited.  Check ahead.

    Geysers, Yellowstone National Park

    Anemone Geyser, Old Faithful Geyser and Old Faithful Inn, in background.

    Visitors Yellowstone National Park

    Visitors near Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park







    Wheelchair AccessibleMammoth Hot Springs.   There are accessible boardwalk from which you can view the Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces.
    Wheelchair AccessibleNorris Geyser Basin and Area.  There are boardwalks here, but you may need assistance.  The lower section of the Artists Paintpots is wheelchair accessible.
    Wheelchair AccessibleOld Faithful.  There are accessible paved trails and boardwalks going to Old Faithful Geyser, Geyser Hill, and Castle Geyser

    Old Faithful Geyser & Old Faithful Inn

    Old Faithful Geyser and Old Faithful Inn

    Plume Geyser

    Plume Geyser






    Wheelchair AccessibleWest Thumb Geyser Area.  You may require some assistance on these boardwalks, which are by Yellowstone Lake.

    West Thumb Basin

    Boardwalk, West Thumb Basin

    Lake Yellowstone

    Boardwalk by Lake Yellowstone






    Wheelchair Accessible

    Fishing Bridge Area.  There is an accessible trail to the Mud Volcano, 6 miles north of Fishing Bridge.

    Wheelchair AccessibleGrand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.  There are a number of accessible trails to overlooks.  See the map in the Accessibility Guide.

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