Virginia has a number of trails with minimal obstacles.  Some are very easy and others are wheelchair accessible.  Here are just a few of them.
These links were found through Internet search.  I would love to have some first-hand recommendations.  With your help, we can share our knowledge with disabled people everywhere and also increase awareness of the need for more accessibility. Please e-mail me with your suggestions using the form in the sidebar.



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  • Virginia State Parks   Accessibility statement.  The website states that there are 16 accessible trails amounting to 12 miles.  For information, contact the State Parks Customer Service Center at 800-933-7275 or the individual parks.
    The Trail Guides for the parks list many trails listed as “easy”.   Their definition of easy is :  “From .5 to 1 mile; grades are short, typically fewer than 100 feet and less than 10 percent of the trail length; easily accomplished by all users, including the elderly and those with physical or mental disabilities, with little risk of injury or fatigue”.   There are too many of these trails for me to list here, but if you have some favorites, please let me know and I will add them.
    Search by Amenities  This webpage lets you search through the state parks using the features that you want.

  • Bear Creek Lake State Park  Phone 804-492-4410  Trail Guide
    Wheelchair Accessible Coyote Trail 0.07 mile

    Wheelchair Accessible Otter Trail 0.16 mile

  • Belle Isle State Park  Trail Guide  Phone  804-462-5030
    Wheelchair Accessible Mulberry Creek Boardwalk  0.17 mile

  • First Landing State Park  Trail Guide  Phone 757-412-2300
    Descriptions of the Trails
     Live Oak Trail 0.4 mile  “The terrain is mostly flat; the ground is packed sand and dirt with small patches of beach-like sandy areas. Trail users often see and hear snakes, reptiles, and woodpeckers and other birds.”

  • High Bridge Trail State Park  Phone 434-315-0457  Trail Guide  
    All the trail sections are described in the guide as easy.  This 31 mile long rail/trail is “…..wide, level and generally flat. Its finely crushed limestone surface and dimensions make it easy to enjoy.”  This park came up in my search for universally accessible trails in Virginia State Parks, but there is no mention of such use on this website.

  • Hungry Mother State Park  Phone 276-781-7400   Trail Guide
    Wheelchair AccessibleLake Trail Loop is described as “partially handicapped accessible”.

  • James River State Park  Phone  434-933-4355  Trail Guide
    Wheelchair AccessibleGreen Hill Pond Loop 0.37 mile

    Wheelchair Accessible Tye River Overlook 0.11 mile

  • Kiptopeke State Park  Phone  757-331-2267  Trail Guide
    Wheelchair AccessibleBald Eagle Bluff 0.1 mile

  • Leesylvania State Park  Trail Guide  Phone  703-730-8205
    Wheelchair AccessiblePotomac Trail  0.41 mile

    Wheelchair AccessibleBushey Point Trail  1.81 mile  described as “Partially accessible”.

  • Mason Neck State Park  Trail Guide  Phone 703-339-2385
    Wheelchair AccessibleBeach Trail 0.3 mile

    Wheelchair AccessibleDogue Trail 0.9 mile

    Wheelchair AccessibleHigh Point Multi-use Trail 3 miles

    Wheelchair AccessibleMarsh View Trail 0.25 mile

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  • Arlington County  Parks and Recreation  phone  703-228-7529
    Map of Parks and Off Street Trails   Trail Descriptions
    Find a Park This page lets you filter parks by Amenities such as paved trails or accessible restrooms.
    Lubber Run Park  Map  from Live and Let Hike
    Lubber Run Trail  1.2 miles round trip. Paved, but with a few somewhat steep places.

    Dawson Terrace Park  Phone 703-228-1803 Trail Map
    ?Palisades trail 0.43 miles is rated “Easy to moderate”.  “…a relaxing walk in the forest featuring ancient tulip poplar trees and views of the Potomac.”
    Fort C. F. Smith Park    Map
    Wheelchair Accessible? The trail is 0.46 miles and rated easy.  The surface is  “….variable and is asphalt, concrete & gravel.”  It is not listed as wheelchair accessible, but you might want to give the county parks a call.
    Glencarlyn Park??  Map  There is no specific information about the trails at this park other than they range from difficulty from “easy to difficult” and include nature trails.
    Lacey Woods Park  Map
     0.34 mile  “Trails through Lacey Woods offer a small escape from an urban environment. You will find mature trees, an azalea garden, and an active group controlling invasive plant species. You may even come across red salamanders who make their home among the logs here.”
    Rock Spring Park  Map
    0.29 mile of a paved, easy trail.  “Bridges cross the wooded stream at several locations and bring you closer to nature. Local gardeners have made enhancements here, and several volunteers including students from Nottingham School help to preserve the natural beauty.”
    Thrifton Hill Park  Map
    ? 0.39 mile Rated “easy to moderate”  “…a pleasant walk through woods and open spaces perfect for taking a break. This passive park features a paved path and natural trail.”
    Tuckahoe Park  Map
    0.47 mile easy.  “…a refreshing and informative walk as you read the interpretive panels about nature. You will enjoy the wetland garden, forest, playground, and picnic area.”
    Zachary Taylor Park  Map
    ?  One mile “easy to moderate” stone dust rail.  “…a beautiful place to enjoy being outside with nature trails, paths and a stream.”

  • City of Virginia Beach  Phone  757-385-0400  Trails Map
     Wheelchair Accessible West Creek Natural Area    “This natural area has been kept in its natural state with the exception of a series of shared use trails that total approximately 2.5 miles of soft path and .3 miles of paved ADA compliant trails. The trail system borders West Neck Road to the west and Princess Anne Road to the north.”

  • Fairfax County    Trails Information and links to maps   Major Parks  Fairfax County Park Authority phone 703-324-8702
    The county’s “Trail Buddy” is an interactive map which allows you to click on a trail to see its name, surface, and width.  You can access this map with a smartphone:   Difficulty is not mentioned, but many of these trails are paved.
    Wheelchair AccessibleLake Accotink Park 703-569-3464 has a 3.9 mile rail trail which describes as wheelchair accessible.
    Lake Fairfax Park  703-471-5415  Map of trail system  Most of the trails shown on the map are labeled “easiest”.  Better call first to be sure.
    Ellanor C. Lawrence Park  Phone  703-631-0013  Map
    ? “There are approximately four miles of trails …. located in upland and bottomland forest and along the meadows. The trails are used for hiking, bird watching, jogging and walking. ”   Difficulty is not given for these trails.
    Huntley Meadows Park  Phone 703-768-2525  “…a 1500-acre nature preserve that includes forests and regionally-rare marsh wetlands. It provides some of the best wildlife watching in Fairfax County.”
    ? The park has a 1/2 mile wetland boardwalk trail and  a two  mile “interpretive trail system.”  The website gives no difficulty ratings for these trails, but StrollerFriendly Trails in Northern Virginia describes them as, “ADA-compliant, stroller friendly trails pass through the woods to a long boardwalk over the beautiful marsh.”

  • Hampton
    Sandy Bottom Nature Park  Phone 757-825-4657  Park Map   Brochure  There are numerous trails in this park which are easy and probably more than these three are accessible.  AllTrails describes them as wheelchair friendly.
    Wheelchair Accessible Trillium Loop Trail 4.5 miles

    Wheelchair AccessibleMatteson Trail 4.4 miles  It loops around the outside of the Hamptons Golf Course and is heavily used.
    Wheelchair AccessibleChrisman Lake Trail 0.8 mile

  • Henrico County 
    Three Lakes Park & Nature Center    Phone  804-652-1470  Park Map  RichmondOutside
    Wheelchair AccessibleThe Park’s 1. 3 miles of trails circle three man-made lakes. AllTrails

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  • Blue Ridge Center   Phone 540-668-7640    Trail Map  Hiking
     Farmstead Loop  “Just over a mile long and with minimal elevation change, the trail is perfect for all ages and fitness levels.”

  • Rockfish Valley Foundation   Natural History Center phone 434-361-0217  RVF Office phone 434-226-0446  See also Rockfish River Loop Trail
    Trail Map
    Rockfish Valley Track Trail   From  “…. a flat, 1 mile loop that follows the South Fork of the Rockfish River and Reids Creek. The trail features riparian, field, and bog habitats and offers excellent opportunities for viewing wildlife.”

  • Ni River Trail
    The Ni River Trail is an easy and partially wheelchair accessible trail near Fredericksburg, Virginia.  It is maintained by the Spotslyvania Greenways Initiative.  Location as described on is “behind River Run Business Park off U.S. 1, across from Massaponax High School. It’s on land owned by Luck Development Partners and has a half-mile handicapped-accessible path covered with stone dust. ”


    Wheelchair Accessible?   The Salamander Loop of the Ni River Trail is about 2 miles long and loops past a wetland area and an old farm pond and includes an overlook of the Ni River basin. Local fauna include deer, beavers, foxes, birds and salamanders. Thank you to Bill Blevins for this description, “…Open to public. Fairly well groomed and wide trail through the woods. Many labeled trees along the path. There is a short loop and a longer loop with a spur trail along the river when it is not hunting season. I would say not accessible to wheelchairs but it is easily walked. There are 6 designated parking spots at the trailhead.”  Here is a description by Plants Map. Video    

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  • Accessible Trails   from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s website

  • Accessible Virginia is a private Website maintained by the Duke Family. It collects information for a variety of accessible locales, including National and State parks, private parks, and other places of interest to the outdoor enthusiast.

  • AllTrails Best Wheelchair Friendly Trails in Virginia  A list of 83 trails deemed wheelchair friendly by

  • AllTrails Map of Trails in DC area  Difficulty and rating given for 137 trails in Virginia and Maryland surrounding the District of Columbia.

  • Nature For The Blind has a directory of Braille trails for almost every state in the US and for many other countries.

  • Northern Virginia Nature Centers  Article from Northern Virginia Magazine, 9/4/2015
    There are many nature centers in northern Virginia and many of these have nature trails.  The websites to these centers rarely give any indication of the trails’ difficulty or accessibility.  This article not only gives links to the centers, it provides  phone numbers  so you can call to inquire about a trail’s suitability for you.

  • The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy lists wheelchair accessible trails in Virginia.

  • Stroller Friendly Trails of Northern Virginia  “…round-up of stroller friendly trails in Northern Virginia highlights paths that are easy to navigate and provide interesting diversions whether you’re inside or behind the stroller. Most of the paths are paved but we’ve also included dirt trails that are navigable with a sturdy stroller.”

  •  is an outstanding resource.

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