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Here are some useful resources for the disabled photographer. Have you favorite ideas or places you would like to see listed in this section? Please Contact Me with your suggestions.

  • A Guide to Wildlife Viewing and Photography Blinds contains just about everything regarding blinds for viewing and photographing wildlife.  This extensive guide is a cooperative effort of the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries.

  • Disabled and Special Needs Photographers – This UK site is run by People With Disabilities.

  • Disabled Photographers Guides  If you would be interested in hiring a professional photographer who would tailor a tour or workshop around your mobility issues, here are some that have expressed their willingness to accommodate a disabled photographer.    I would be happy to add to this list, if others wish to offer their services.
    Bob Maynard  Colorado Plateau Photo Tours
    Weldon Lee   Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures    email:
    JP Bruce  Website  Photos on Flicker
    email: JP Bruce <>
    JP is mobility impaired and willing to offer advice and suggestions to other disabled photographers.

  • Here is a group on My Shutter Space for disabled photographers.

  • Try online learningYou can learn photography without having to physically get to a school. There are too many online courses to list and I know of none designed specifically for photographers with a handicap. However, the following are ideas to get you started looking for a course that suits you. Before you enroll, you might call the school to see if they will flex their assignments around your requirements.

    You may find what you want from your local community college or university.  My search turned up hundreds of online photography courses, from Australia’s Open Colleges to Vancouver Island University in Canada.

    One man’s list of free online photography courses:

    Five accredited American Colleges & Universities from which you can get an online photography degree:

    Another list of online photography courses:

    Still another claiming the “top 5 online photography schools.”

  • Photographers with Disabilities is a UK site that says it is “For the benefit of people with Disabilities to practice the art of Photography.”

  • Photographer JP Bruce, who has mobility limitations, has written a book, Photography From Your Car: Or Very Near.

  • The Digital Dave column in the July, 2013 issue of Shutterbug magazine (page 144-148) has suggestions for equipment in answer to a disabled veteran’s inquiry.  One referenced source is William Vorce at the Telescope Warehouse.  He has hand paddle-operated mounts that will hook up to a computer.

  • The Disabled Photographers’ Society – I wrote these folk when I wrote the “Imagine” article and never received a reply, but it looks like a great resource for people in the UK.

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